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Medieval Crossbow Quiver

Our leather Medieval Crossbow Quiver, a must-have accessory for any crossbowman seeking authenticity and functionality. Inspired by historical designs from the 12th to 14th centuries, this quiver is designed to be worn on the belt and carry crossbow bolts with ease.

During the 13th century, crossbow quivers like this one were widely used across Europe. Known for their simplicity and practicality, these quivers were favored by crossbowmen who valued their usefulness in battle. Our quiver stays true to the traditional design, offering you an authentic experience.

Crafted from high-quality, 2.5-3mm thick ground cowhide, this crossbow quiver ensures durability and longevity. The quiver features carrying loops attached to the upper extension, allowing you to wear it suspended from your belt. The upper extension and bottom part of the quiver are connected with a sturdy leather strip that is securely sewn through them.

To accommodate a variety of bolt lengths, we recommend that the quiver be approximately .5-1 inch higher than the total length of your bolts. This allows for flexibility based on your specific bolt type and ensures a secure fit. Our quiver has a capacity to hold approximately 20 bolts, providing ample storage for your crossbow ammunition.

In addition to the color shown in the picture, our quiver is available in a range of other colors. You can choose the color that best suits your personal preference and complements your overall medieval ensemble.

Please note that this quiver is handmade using genuine leather. As a natural material, it may exhibit minor differences in color and surface texture, which only enhance its unique character. These slight imperfections do not diminish the value of the product; instead, they add to its authenticity and individuality. Each quiver is a true original, crafted with care and attention to detail.

Choose our leather Medieval Crossbow Quiver to complete your historical archer or crossbowman persona. With its functional design and authentic craftsmanship, it offers both practicality and aesthetic appeal. Experience the spirit of the past and enhance your reenactments, cosplay, or medieval events with this exceptional quiver.

Depths available: 9.5", 10.25", 11", 11.75", 12.50", 13.25", 14", 14.75", 15.75", 16.5" (Please select your desired depth)

*** Please Note: This is a hand made, custom item and takes 4-12 weeks construction time. This item is not cancelable once ordered.***

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