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15th Century Rampart Crossbow

Our fully functional 15th Century Rampart Crossbow was used mainly to defend castle walls and turrets. The crossbow was once considered so violent a weapon, the Pope outlawed its use.The European Crossbow of the Middle Ages saved many a Castle from siege. Crossbows were originally brought to England by the Normans and soon became an important historical weapon. They were used for warfare and for hunting and widely employed in England through the time of Elizabeth. Large crossbows were more powerful than any longbow and unlike their light counterparts that were used in the field by armor clad soldiers, these giant crossbows were mainly used in the attack and defense of fortified places such as castles. Get this crossbow now because "Bigger is Better" in defense of your Castle!

This working Medieval Heavy Crossbow has a hardwood stock and a steel prod. The stirrup, bow irons, nut and trigger are crafted from steel. Three wooden crossbow bolts with blackened steel heads are included.

The crossbow may require a windlass to load the bow to shoot - draw weights can vary and some can be spanned by hand while others require mechanical assistance for a person of average strength. Windlass not included, but sold separately on site.

Overall Length: 40 3/4 inches
Width of Prod: 34 3/4 inches
Weight: 13 lbs 8 oz

150 lb. draw weight.

Please Note: This item now has short steel pegs added to the stock to make it easier to load with a mechanical device. Pegs are not shown in pictures.

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