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Clothing - Medieval and Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance Clothing

We are your source for high quality Renaissance, Medieval, and Fantasy clothing.

We have medieval clothing that is great for SCA, LARP, Weddings, Renaissance Festivals, Theater and more! Medieval and Renaissance Clothing is our specialty. 

We create apparel that will take you back through the ages with timeless grace and beauty. In our medieval and renaissance clothing category you will find men and women's clothing that in everything from jerkins, tunics and surcoats to bodices, chemises and medieval dresses.

We have medieval and renaissance shirts and pants that come in a variety of styles, shapes, sizes and colors. To keep you warm during that cold medieval faire we have medieval cloaks, capes and robes.

Arming Wear

Arming Wear
Arming Wear - Padded garments to wear under your armour.

Assassins Creed Merchandise

Assassins Creed Merchandise
Full Altair Costume Available Here

Belly Dance Costuming

Belly Dance
Belly Dance Costuming- Clothing, Belts, Bra Covers, Zils, Ghungroos, Ankle Bells, Hip Scarves & More!


Capes and Cloaks
Medieval and Renaissance Capes, Cloaks, Robes, Monks Robes

Children's Clothes

Children's Historical Clothes
Children's Medieval and Renaissance Shirts, Pants, Tunics, Gowns and Surcoats. You will also find our selection of Kid's Headwear including Pirate hats, Princess Hats and Costume Hats.


High Quality Corsets
We have Corsets to fit your every desire: Leather, Brocade, Taffeta, Overbust, Underbust!

Custom Historical Clothing

Custom Historical Clothing
Custom Historical Clothing, Shirts, Pants, Tunics, Gowns, Surcoats and More!

Fantasy Clothing

Fantasy Clothing Great for LARP
Fantasy Clothing and Outfits for Men and Women.

Fencing Attire

Renaissance Clothing - Fencing Attire
Renaissance Clothing - Fencing Attire

Gowns and Cotehardies

Medieval Gowns and Cotehardies
Medieval Gowns and Cotehardies.

Horse Clothing Trappers and Caparisons

Horse Clothing Trappers and Caparisons
Horse Clothing Trappers and Caparisons for your horse.

Legends of Sherwood

Legends of Sherwood clothing and accessories
Legends of Sherwood - Throughout the ages, no one character of English folklore has spawned more tales of romance and chivalry than Robin of Locksley, known throughout the realm as Robin Hood.

Medieval and Renaissance Pants, Hosen, and Kilts

Medieval and Renaissance Pants, Hosen, and Kilts
Medieval and Renaissance Pants, Hosen, Codpieces and Tights for all your Medieval or Renaissance Events

Medieval and Renaissance Shirts

Medieval and Renaissance Shirts
We carry Medieval and Renaissance Shirts for the Event.  We have the Celtic Shirt, Renaissance Swordsman Shirt, 15th Century Shirt, Yoke shirts, Pirate shirts and more.

Medieval and Renaissance Surcoats

Medieval and Renaissance Knights Surcoats
Medieval Knights Surcoats from the Crusades to 17th century Musketeer Tabbards

Men's Clothes

Men's Clothes from Medieval to Renaissance
Our Mens Clothes section includes Coats, Doublets, Jerkins, Vests, Kimonos.

Peasant Outfits

Medieval Peasant Outfits
Peasant Outfits - Not everyone wants to be a lord or lady!

Pirate Period Clothing

Pirate Period Clothing to enhance your persona
Pirate Period Clothing - Fine Purveyors of Period Pirate Attire and accessories!


Roman, Viking, and Medieval Tunics and Mantles
Roman, Viking, and Medieval Tunics and Mantles

Women's Medieval and Renaissance Clothes

Womens Medieval and Renaissance Clothes Clothing Dresses Bodices Corsets Skirts and Wench Wear
Medieval and Renaissance Dresses, Gowns, Bodices, Skirts, Chemises and other Outfits. Plus Sizes Available

WW II Replica Uniforms

WWII Replica Uniforms U.S. German and Russian Camouflage
WWII Replica Uniforms - A vast variety of authentically correct German and Russian camouflage pattern uniforms from World War II originals.
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