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The Vikings were Norse seafaring, warriors, explorers and farmers who, raided and traded from their Scandinavian homelands across wide areas of Europe, and westwards. With our wide selection of Viking replicas, you can delve into the world of the Vikings and embrace their fascinating culture. Here are some popular Viking replicas we offer:

Viking Swords: Choose from a variety of Viking sword replicas, including the iconic double-edged Viking swords with their characteristic hilt design and pommel. These swords are crafted to capture the essence of Viking weaponry and can serve as decorative pieces or for stage combat.

Viking Axes and Spears: Channel the Viking warrior spirit with our replica Viking axes and spears. These weapons were crucial to Viking warfare and are often adorned with Norse-inspired engravings. Display them as part of your collection or use them for reenactments and stage performances.

Viking Clothing and Accessories: Complete your Viking ensemble with replica Viking clothing and accessories. We offer tunics, cloaks, belts, brooches, and other Viking-inspired garments to help you embody the Viking look.

Viking Drinking Horns: Enjoy your favorite beverages in authentic Viking style with our Viking drinking horns. These horns are often decorated with intricate carvings and come with stands or leather holders for display.

Viking Armor and Helmets

Viking Armor, Helmets and Viking Shields
We provide a range of replica Viking armor and helmets that allow you to recreate the look of a Viking warrior. These pieces are ideal for historical reenactments, cosplay, or display purposes. 

Viking Axes Daggers Spears

Viking Axes - Daggers - Spears
We offer a range of replica Viking axes, daggers, and spears that are designed to resemble the weapons used by Viking warriors. These weapons are ideal for historical reenactments, cosplay, or display purposes. 

Viking Clothes and Footwear

Viking Clothes, Footwear and Accessories
We offer a variety of replica Viking clothes, footwear, and accessories to help you recreate the authentic look of Viking-era attire. Whether you're participating in historical reenactments, attending themed events, or simply interested in Viking fashion.

Viking Swords

Viking Swords
When it comes to Viking swords, we offer a diverse range of options that cater to both decorative purposes and battle-ready replicas. Whether you're a collector, enthusiast, or historical reenactor, you'll find something that suits your needs. Here is an overview of our Viking sword collection:
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