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CAS Iberia Hanwei Medieval Swords - Rapiers - Sabers - Basket-Hilts

CAS Iberia Medieval Swords

Official CAS Iberia Hanwei Dealer - Medieval Swords, Rapiers, Sabers,  Basket-Hilts and Small Swords by Hanwei Paul Chen.

C.A.S. Rapiers

C.A.S. Rapiers
C.A.S. Iberia Rapiers, Fencing Weapons and Accessories

CAS Iberia Basket-Hilts and Small Swords

Variety of Basket-Hilts and Small Swords
Basket-Hilts and Small Swords - A wide variety of decorative, functional and practice swords!

CAS Iberia Swords and Sabers

CAS Iberia Swords and Sabers
Official CAS Iberia CAS Swords and Sabers

Medieval Swords by Hanwei and CAS Iberia

Medieval Swords by Hanwei and CAS Iberia
We offer Hanwei's full line of European swords as well as swords from Kingston Arms, Dragon King, and Red Dragon Armoury. They are all battle ready and made of top quality materials with tempered high carbon steel blades. 
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