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Recurve Bows and Horse Bows

Recurve Bows and Horse Bows
Recurve Bows, Horse Bows and Reflex Deflex Bows

Composite Recurve Bow

Composite Recurve Bow SG-01005
Our Composite Recurve Bow is designed for Horseback Archery and can be used for target shooting or Hunting. The handle riser is reinforced by an ash wood grip. The Limb tips are come with shaped nocks for the bowstring loops.
Price: $335.00

Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow

Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow SG-01001
Our Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow was designed to capture the Art of bow making and the Tradition of hunting with a traditional bow. Built for speed and performance our Eastern Reflex Deflex Bow is great for either target practice or hunting.
Price: $304.00

Genghis Recurve Bow

Genghis Recurve Bow SG-01006
Our Genghis Recurve Bow named for the Mongol khan is made from pre-stressed layered ash and fiberglass. Leather wrapped grip reinforced with ash. Great for target shooting, re-enactments or Hunting.
Price: $299.00

Kestrel Horsebow KHB

Kestrel Horsebow KHB
The Kestral Horsebow is hand crafted and designed for use as a hunting bow. The Kestral bow like most horsebows has a smooth draw and quite release. This horsebow is compact and easy to maneuver in the woods.
Price: $475.00

Yellow Osage Horse Bow

Yellow Osage Horse Bow
Standing approx 58" when strung, the Yellow Osage Horse Bow really packs a punch. Black Accent wraps and glass contrasts nicely against the "yellow" osage orange syhas, handle and limbs.
Price: $475.00
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