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Hybrid Polyurethane LARP Armor FAQ's


What is the LARP armor made from?
The LARP armour is made from a hybrid polyurethane. We use 2 different materials - a hard one for the armor, helms and shields, and a softer, more flexible one for the leather and cloth items.

How strong is the LARP Armor?
We have run over our larp armor and helms with a 1.5 ton four wheel drive. They squashed flat but sprung back into shape as soon as the pressure was released and the only permanent damage was some scratches from the gravel on the road.

Will our LARP Armor stand up to latex weapons?
Yes it will.

Is our LARP Armor suitable for re-enactments and LARP events?
Yes it will stand up to LARP uses and Latex weapons. This armor can be made to stand up to fighting with metal weapons, we can thicken the material if required for added protection. You must contact us for this option. Please note there is no extra charge, however this is a special order and not kept in stock.

Does it look like real Armor?
Until you actually touch it and pick it up, you cannot tell it is not metal/leather/cloth etc.

What about sizes?
We ask that you provide us with you head/chest size when ordering to ensure a good fit.

Are there any sharp edges?
All LARP Armor edges are rounded and smooth so they will not cut.

Does it degrade over time?

Does the paint come off?
Like any painted surface it will scratch but it won’t flake off.

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