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Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) Non-Firing Rifle

The British SMLE NO.1 MKIII Rifle was the main long arm used by the British Empire and Commonwealth during the 20th century, and can still be found in limited service in remote areas of the world. Our non-firing reproduction of this iconic rifle is made with solid wood and steel, featuring a brass buttplate, and an accurate design. Although non-firing, the bolt, striker, trigger, and detachable magazine are all fully functional (please note that the safety does not work). Bayonet is not included with this product.

Cannot Ship To:
CT, IL (Chicago, Aurora), KS (Topeka), MN, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, WI, and Canada

Key Features:
Non-fireable Replica
Functional Action and Trigger
Decorative Rifle

Overall Length: 45 Inches
Weight 6 lbs.

The Short Magazine Lee-Enfield (SMLE) rifle was introduced in 1907 and became the primary firearm of the British Empire and Commonwealth armies during the First World War. Designed by Scottish-American gun designer James Paris Lee, the SMLE was a bolt-action rifle that utilized the Lee-Enfield magazine system, which allowed for fast and reliable loading and firing of cartridges.

The SMLE went through several modifications and improvements over the years, including the introduction of a bayonet and the use of different materials in the stock and receiver. It was used extensively in both world wars, as well as in various colonial conflicts, and remained in service with some Commonwealth countries until the 1960s.

The SMLE earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy and was widely regarded as one of the best military rifles of its time. It also played a significant role in the development of modern firearms, influencing the design of many subsequent bolt-action rifles. Today, the SMLE is highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts of military firearms, and its legacy continues to be felt in the world of small arms technology.

This is a non-firing copy of the original. This piece replicates the original in size, weight and appearance, and functions much like the original. However, this replica cannot be made to fire or part interchanged.

It is the customer's responsibility to check all local laws pertaining to an item before you place your order.  We are not responsible for packages confiscated due to Customs inspections.

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