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San Fernando Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain M384

Son of King Alphonse IX of Leon and Queen Berenquela of Castilla, Fernanco III the Saint unified both kingdoms under his crown. Promoter of the process of reconquest, he conquered, among others, the town of Sevilla, capital of th the region, and Cordoba, whose mosque he transformed into a cathedral. His son, Alphonse X, believed to have possessed this sword too, and was one of the great cultural promoters of the middle ages. In one of his books, "Las Siete Partidas", he described the four values every sword should bear: Good Sense, Strength, Prudence, and Justice. 

The San Fernando Sword by Marto of Toledo Spain has a double-edged Toledo steel blade. The hilt is of cast metal with downward curved quillons.  


Overall Length: 100 cms - 40 inches

Blade: Stainless Steel - fully tempered -

Handle: Zamak

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