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Denix Axe of the Valkyries

The Denix Axe of the Valkyries is a remarkable fantasy weapon that pays homage to the mythical warriors of Norse sagas known as the Valkyries. These legendary figures were believed to escort fallen Viking warriors to the realm of Valhalla, the sacred dwelling place of the gods.

This decorative axe features a double-headed axe head with a striking design, symbolizing the strength and ferocity of the Valkyries. The axe head is mounted on a sturdy 22.6-inch handle, which is wrapped in leather for enhanced grip and adorned with metal fittings, adding to its visual appeal.

With a handle length of 22.6 inches and an overall length of 28 inches, this axe offers a comfortable and balanced grip for wielding. The axe head measures 8 by 8 inches, further showcasing its imposing presence. Despite its impressive size, the Axe of the Valkyries weighs a manageable 3 pounds, allowing for ease of use and maneuverability.

Displayed as a collector's item, the Denix Axe of the Valkyries is a captivating and meticulously crafted weapon that captures the essence of Norse mythology and the warrior spirit. Unleash the power of the Valkyries with this stunning and symbolic axe.


Handle Length: 22.6"
Overall Length: 28"
Axe Head: 8 x 8"
Weight: 3lb

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