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ConQuest Black Ice Armor Complete Set

Our ConQuest Black Ice Armor Complete Set contains all the necessary pieces for you to start the LARP game right away. Made from polished and blackened metal this armor is an Official Conquest item. Designed for use with the matching Black Ice Helmet, sold separately.


* Breastplate
* Backplate
* Shoulder Plates (Pauldrons)
* Upper Thigh Protection (Tassets)
* Full Leg Armor
* Arm Bracers
* Lower Leg Protection (Greaves)
* Leather Belt
* Tunic (Blue w/black stripe) One Size



Chest: 53cm (21 Inches)
Length: 132cm (52 Inches)
Tabard is open on the sides.

Wrist: 18cm (7 inches)
Forearm: 23cm (9 inches)
Length: 26cm (10 inches)

Ankle: 19cm (7.5 inches)
Calf: 27cm (10.5 inches)
Length: 36cm (14 inches)

Full legs:
Overall length;
58cm (23 inches)
Medium Cuirass:
Chest: Fits 101,6cm to 116,8cm (40 to 46 Inches)
Waist: Fits 101,6cm to 111.8cm (40 to 44 Inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 61cm (24 Inches)
Large Cuirass:
Chest: Fits 116,8cm to 134,6cm (46 to 53 Inches)
Waist: Fits 116,8cm to 127cm (46 to 50 Inches)
Shoulder to Waist: 66cm (26 Inches)

Cold rolled Steel:
1mm or 18 gauge

• Quality leather straps
• Steel rivets
• Rolled edges (Safe for Larp weapons)
• Larp quality
• 100% Cotton Tabard

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