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Roman Sword Baldric - Brown

The Roman Baldric is worn diagonally across the chest. Use this fine quality, leather baldric to complete many of your period outfits. Throughout most of the world our Roman Baldric was the most common way in which a sword was carried, was at the waist. Modern concepts of the sword being worn across the back are simply not accurate. There were exceptions, as with the Scots and their large Claymore and the Ceylon's Ayda Katta. The form used most in carrying the sword, was the baldric. This belt hung from the opposite shoulder and passed diagonally across the front, the sword being suspended from the waist. Going in and out of favor as a fashion statement, it was the "in" thing as long as swords were carried. We are offering a generic Early Sword Baldric that is simple and plain, allowing you to wear it for many different time periods.

The Roman baldric is crafted from leather and adjustable with its brass buckle. The sword baldric ends in a series of belt loops that are closed around scabbard hanging rings with a brass screw at the end of each loop.

Key Features:
  • One size, will adjust to fit most swords
  • Comes with brass hardware

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