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1796 British Heavy Cavalry Sword

The 1796 British Heavy Cavalry Sword, revered for its robustness and formidable presence, stands as a testament to its role as a stalwart companion to the valiant cavalrymen of its time. Crafted for the rigors of battle, this backsword boasts a thick, straight-bladed design, exuding power and authority with every swing.

Renowned for its ability to cleave through adversaries with unwavering force, the 1796 sword found favor among esteemed regiments such as the Dragoons, Life Guards, and Royal Horse Guards. Its weight, once deemed excessive for refined swordsmanship, proved advantageous for mounted combat, enabling cavalrymen to wield it with unparalleled ferocity from atop their steeds.

One of its most illustrious moments in history occurred during the Battle of Waterloo, where Sgt. Charles Ewart of the Scots Greys 2nd Dragoons immortalized the sword's legacy by capturing a French Imperial Eagle Standard. In a display of unparalleled courage, Ewart faced down multiple adversaries, each fiercely determined to defend the symbol of their regiment.

The 1796 Heavy Cavalry Sword features a blade forged from tempered high carbon steel, ensuring durability and resilience in the heat of battle. Its steel hilt, adorned with a ribbed leather grip, offers a firm and secure hold for the wielder. Completing its formidable ensemble is a steel scabbard with ring mounts, providing both protection and ease of carry for the courageous cavalryman.

Key Features:
* Unsharpened EN9 High Carbon Steel Blade
* Leather Wrapped Grip
* Steel Guard
* Includes Steel Scabbard

Overall Length: 40''
Blade Length: 34 3/4''
Weight: 2 lb 12.5 oz
Edge: Unsharpened
Width: 33.6 mm
Thickness: 6.8 mm - 4.2 mm
Pommel: Riveted
P.O.B.: 8 1/4''
Grip Length: 4''
Blade: [EN9 High Carbon Steel]
Type: Saber
Class: Battle Ready
Culture: British
Country of Origin: India

Expertly crafted, this iconic weapon has left an indelible mark on history, immortalized in both fact and fiction. From the blood-soaked fields of battle to the pages of Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe novel series, where the intrepid Richard Sharpe wields it with unwavering resolve, the 1796 British Heavy Cavalry Sword remains a symbol of honor, courage, and valor.

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