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Ironshod Shield - Wood - 23 inches - LARP latex

In the midst of chaos, as the battlefield echoes with laughter, you stand as Raynor Ironshood, a fearless warrior, and the Ironshood Shield becomes an extension of your indomitable spirit. Crafted for LARP adventures and inspired by early pre-10th century Vikings and Saxons, this 23-inch wood-textured shield is designed to instill fear in your enemies.

Key Features:

Formidable Design: Round latex shield with a wooden texture and a striking wood and iron paint finish, creating an authentic and impressive appearance.
Draws inspiration from early European Middle Ages, reflecting the sturdy shields used by fearless warriors.

Reliable Defense: Features a strong latex coating on hard EVA foam, providing a reliable defense that stands up to the rigors of LARP combat. The iron rim enhances durability and reinforces the shield, ensuring it can withstand repeated blows.

Comfortable Handling: Equipped with a punch-grip handle, crafted from EVA foam and soft leather, offering a comfortable and secure grip during battles.
Designed for ease of use, allowing warriors to move swiftly and strike with precision.

Historical Inspiration: Inspired by historical shields with a round wooden style, commonly used in the early European Middle Ages. The shield boss, a convex piece at the center, adds authenticity and helps deflect blows.

High-Quality Construction: Handmade and hand-painted, ensuring each shield is unique with natural deviations in pattern, color, and shape. Constructed from durable closed-cell foam that doesn't shred, meeting high safety standards for LARP activities.

Unleash Your Warrior Spirit: Step into the shoes of Raynor Ironshood, where laughter becomes a weapon, and might is embodied in the Ironshood Shield. Defend yourself with style and conquer your foes in epic LARP battles with this meticulously crafted and uniquely designed shield.

Product weight: 1048 g

Please Note: Natural deviations in pattern, color, and shape are inherent to the handmade and hand-painted nature of this product, adding to its unique character. Images may appear different due to lighting and surroundings during photoshoots.

Equip yourself with the Ironshood Shield and let your laughter echo across the battlefield, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

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