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Serpent-Breath the Sword of Uhtred - Officially licensed

Unleash Destiny with Serpent-Breath, the Sword of Uhtred

Step into the tumultuous world of Uhtred of Bebbanburg with Serpent-Breath, the legendary sword that has witnessed the relentless battles and complex loyalties of a warrior torn between Saxon birthright and Danish upbringing. As a symbol of Uhtred's prowess and unwavering spirit, Serpent-Breath is a captivating piece inspired by the compelling saga chronicled in "The Last Kingdom."

Key Features:
Intricate Design: Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Serpent-Breath boasts an amber-pommeled hilt that is as distinctive as Uhtred's own character. The sword is a faithful recreation of the weapon that Uhtred wields on the battlefield.

Display Plaque: Showcase this remarkable sword with pride using the included display plaque, offering a fitting presentation for a piece deeply intertwined with the destiny of a nation.

Certificate of Authenticity: Each Serpent-Breath sword comes with a certificate of authenticity, affirming its connection to the iconic character and the immersive world of "The Last Kingdom."

Collectible: This product is not a toy and is designed for enthusiasts, collectors, and fans of historical fiction. Keep it out of the reach of children, as it embodies the essence of Uhtred's struggles and triumphs.

Uhtred's Journey:
From his early days captured by the Danes to his pivotal role in the attempts to unite England, Uhtred's journey is one of constant challenge and choice. The quest to reclaim Bebbanburg, his birthright, propels him into a web of family politics, loyalty tests, and the birth of a nation.

Destiny Unveiled on the Battlefield:
Uhtred's presence on the battlefield is unmistakable, and Serpent-Breath becomes an extension of his formidable spirit. This sword, with its unique amber-pommeled hilt, strikes down enemies and plays a crucial role in defining the destiny of a nation.

Overall Length: 37 "
Blade Length: 28”
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Hilt Material: Leather wrap, cast metal, faux amber pommel

Embrace the legacy of Uhtred and "The Last Kingdom" with Serpent-Breath, a sword that transcends time and becomes a symbol of loyalty, destiny, and the enduring spirit of a warrior.

The Last Kingdom TM & © 2020 Carnival Film & Television Limited. All rights reserved.

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