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Saxon Langseax or Long Seax

The Saxon Langseax, also known as Long Seax or Langsax, was the iconic weapon of the Saxon warrior. It played a significant role in their culture, symbolizing manhood and carried throughout their lives. Historians believe that the name "Saxon" might have been derived from this distinctive weapon. The Long Seax was valued not only in warfare but also during hunts for taking down large game.

This version of the Long Seax is designed based on examples from the latter part of the 9th century. It features a typical Saxon-style pommel, a long-pointed blade, and fullers that run to the end of the blade. Its design and craftsmanship make it a valuable addition to any collection of fine weapons.

The Long Seax comes with a well-made leather hand-stitched scabbard with steel accents for safe and stylish storage.

Overall Length: 27.875 inches
Blade Length: 22.0 inches
Handle Length: 5.875 inches
Grip Length: 4.0 inches
Weight: 1 lb 12 oz.
Balance Point: 2.5 inches below the hilt

The Saxon Langseax or Long Seax is a highly sought-after item, admired for its historical significance and excellent craftsmanship. Whether for display or practical use, it is a cherished piece among collectors and enthusiasts of fine weapons.

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