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Bowman Sword or Saddle Sword

The Bowman's Short Sword, also known as the Saddle Sword, is a versatile and practical weapon designed for hunters, archers, and crossbowmen. Its shorter length allows for ease of movement in dense woods and swift maneuvering on the battlefield. The boat-shaped pommel allows for a powerful thrust, making it effective against thick armor.

Made from durable 5160 carbon steel, the blade is extremely sharp and reliable. The sword comes with a wood-lined leather-covered scabbard for safe storage and carrying.

Overall Length: 28.250 inches
Blade Length: 22.125 inches
Blade Width at Guard: 2.250 inches
Blade Width at 12 inches from tip: 1.9375 inches
Handle Length: 6.1875 inches
Grip Length: 4.0 inches
Weight: 2 lbs 4.2 oz.
Balance Point: 3.375 inches below the hilt

Whether used by hunters in the woods or warriors on the battlefield, the Bowman's Short Sword is a practical and efficient tool. Its excellent craftsmanship and functionality make it a valuable addition to any collection or as a reliable companion in various situations.

Pre-Order Only ETA Late Feb. 2024

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