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Renaissance Battle Sword by KoA

Renaissance Battle Sword. This is an important sword in the evolution of weapons as they progressed to still perform in the changing landscape of the many wars and conflicts all across the European continent. This sword was, along with our Renaissance Side Sword, an important step toward what would become the full hand protection of the Cut and Thrust Complex Hilt. First to come was the addition of one finger guard to allow the combatant to help to bring the sword into better balance, other wise it was still a late war sword. This sword however shows some important advancements that were in play during the late 1400 early 1500,s. The addition of the long sweeping quillions with two arms and a ring allowed the finger to be over the cross guard and greatly decreasing the danger of it being compromised. This simple step was important because it enabled the user to make more controlled cuts and more importantly a more controlled thrust. With the advancements to the full harness of plate armor the wearer was virtually impossible to cut but there were several areas that a thrust could be very affective. This hilt is married to a good cut and thrust blade that is wide enough to make deadly cuts and a very sharp point for thrusting. It should be remembered that not ever fighter was, or could be, in full plate. Plus this was a dangerous time to be on the roads, or for that matter anywhere without your sword.

This sword comes to you very sharp and with a flat diamond grind on the blade.

Free Shipping: Continental U.S. standard ground.

5160 Tempered carbon steel blade.
Guard and pommel are made from a quality low carbon steel and antiqued to lower the possibility of rust from handling.
Wood scabbard with quality leather fittings.

Blade Length: 32.75”
Overall Length: 41.50”
Handle: 6.5”
Grip Length: 4.0”
Weight: 2.0 lbs 14 oz
P.O.B.: 5.8750'' Below Bottom of Grip (Includes the Wrapped Ricasso.)

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