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Left-Handed English Flintlock - Non-Firing Replica

This flintlock is designed to be drawn with your left hand, which keeps your right hand free to wield another weapon. Simple, efficient, and effective are three worlds that perfectly describe this Left-Handed 18th Century Colonial English Flintlock as a weapon. This pistol features the locking mechanism on the left of side of the pistol, which means you can holster it on your right side and draw it without having the lock catch on either your holster or your clothing. What really sets this pistol apart from the others isn't the uncommon detailing (which is a big plus), but rather, is the distinctive shape of the wood stock, which makes this pistol comfortable to hold and handle. Of course, the other details, including a brass finished barrel with attractive engravings and a lock plate with equally fine engravings, serve only to enhance the look of this traditional flintlock.

A lock mechanism is fully functional, which means that the frizzen rotates, as well as ensuring that when you cock back the hammer and pull the trigger, the hammer will fall and strike the frizzen (also known as the steel or the strike plate) and create a satisfying 'clink' sound that will tell all that you've taken aim and pulled the trigger.

The pistol measures approximately 15 inches long. Please note that this is a replica pistol and that in spite of how realistic it looks and how accurate its moving parts seem, it cannot be converted into a working flintlock firearm. Pirates will tuck this pistol into their sash without hesitation, soldiers will holster it at their side with eagerness, and gentlemen will carry this pistol as a side-arm of choice in duels and self-defense. In short, there's no costume or style that cannot benefit from having one of these Left-Handed Colonial English Flintlocks at their side!

Key Features:
Left-Handed Draw
Replica Flintlock Pistol
Real Look and Feel
Working Lock Mechanism and Trigger
Barrel and Lock are Engraved
Non-Firing Replica 
Great Collectible, Prop, or Gift


Pistol Length: 15 inches
Pistol Weight: 2 lbs

This is a non-firing replica of the original. This piece replicates the original in size, weight and appearance, and functions much like the original. However, this replica cannot be made to fire or part interchanged.

It is the customer's responsibility to check all local laws pertaining to an item before you place your order.  We are not responsible for packages confiscated due to Customs inspections.


Pre-Order Only ETA 7/16/2024

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