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Viking Gjermundbu Helmet - 14 Gauge

Our Gjermundbu Spectacle Helm is based on a classic Viking helm found in a Norwegian burial mound. Found in nine fragments, the helm has been re-constructed and is now housed in the Museum of National Antiquities in Oslo. It dates from around 970 CE and is considered to be the finest helm found of that era. The ''spectacles'' (officially ''occularia''), provided excellent facial and nasal protection, while chain mail provided flexible protection to the back and sides.

This version of Viking Gjermundbu helm is crafted from riveted 14 gauge steel plates; the aventail is butted steel chainmail. The helm is fully lined with leather and even the ocular plate has a backing of leather. The helm has an adjustable leather suspension liner and an adjustable chin strap of leather with a brass buckle.

Front to Back: 8 1/2''
Side to Side: 8 1/4''
Interior Circumference: 26''
Weight: 7 lbs 7.3 oz

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.

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