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Silver Stag of Aegon Targaryen

This small silver stag ("stag" denotes the denomination) piece is from the mythical realm of Westeros shortly after the unification of that land by the event known historically as Aegons Conquest. This particular piece is struck in approximately 3.1 grams of pure silver (.999 fine), about 21mm in diameter. It is done in the “high art” style with fine engraving and a stylized portrait of King Aegon, flanked by his two sisters (and wives) Rhaenys and Visenya. The king wears a crown with three dragon heads on it. The saying that “The dragon has three heads” refers to the fact that the three siblings ruled almost as one, leading forces separately but each with full authority. The reverse shows a classic stag and symbolizes the denomination of the coin- one “stag”. By the time the stories in the novels take place, Aegon’s conquest is an event of history by some three hundred years.

Replica inspired by Game of Thrones.

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