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Lords Angled Medieval Sword Frog in Leather

This frog is designed to hold Medieval sword scabbards at an angle from a waist belt. It comes with extra long ties that adjust to fit all size scabbards. 12 heavy-duty rivets to securely hold your sword in place. 7-1/4 inches wide by 12 inches long. Your choice of leather and fitting colors.

Handmade in the USA from High Quality 8oz (1/8in) Thick Leather.


* High Quality Leather
* Leather and Fitting Color Choice
* 12 Steel Rivets Hold the Frog in Place
* Adjustable Fit
* Fits up to a 2 in wide Waist Belt
* Use for Medieval Single Hand Swords
* Easy to use
* Great for Renaissance Faires and Reenactments
* Right or Left Hand Draw

This quality leather product is hand made right here at our leather shop in the USA, by experienced professional leather craftsmen. Made from full and top grain, top quality cow leather bought in the USA. Our leather products, if cared for properly, will last you for years!

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SKU#: BTS-2266
MSRP: $70.00

Customer Reviews

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1. on 5/5/2012, said:
5 stars out of 5
I Have to agree with the comment below, except for my scabbard is sharply tapered instead of a long steel throat, but Its good quality craftsmanship, heavy duty and unlike other frogs, your sword/scabbard isn't going to do much flailing about while you walk/run/fight so that is a huge positive. I got my in brown and it looks great. Also like with the post below, the leather sting didn't hold up long, actually it snapped after the first day, (I was having trouble keeping my scabbard secure and torqued the string too hard when re-tieing it), though shoe laces do great also if your crafty enough you could buy thin leather material or pleather and fold it over a couple of times sew it and use that which should hold up a lot better,which is what i did.
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2. on 8/24/2011, said:
5 stars out of 5
I bought one of these "Lord's Medieval" sword frogs back around 2006. Back then I think it only came in brown and black. I ordered the "Worn on right side" for my left handed needs. It's been five years since I bought it, and it still holds up well. My only complaint is that the leather thong it came with wasn't of good quality, but that is fixed quickly with going to a place that sells shoe laces and getting the old fashioned leather shoe laces. I had to invent my own way of securing the scabbard to the inside of the frog using the laces, but that is my only complaint of how to secure the scabbard with the metal eyelets. Perhaps with a sword without a long steel throat will fare better. The eyelets were large enough for me to run a second piece of leather boot lace to act as a piece tie required at many Renaissance Faires. I have worn this sword with me to many places. It is a good balance, and hasn't tripped me up. The last time I wore it was April 9, 2011 (It is now August 24, 2011) for my friend's wedding. Granted there weren't many people dancing on the dance floor, I was able to wear my sword frog with sword while dancing with my wife, and doing an old style dance involving six people (Going past each other at close quarters, etc) without feeling the sword scabbard hit anyone. So I believe it is angled just right.
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  • Steel (Silver)
  • Right Hand Draw
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