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Roman Ribchester Sport and Ceremony Cavalry Helmet

The Ribchester Cavalry Sports Helmet was a Roman Sports helmet originally found in Ribchester England. The masked style Roman helmet dates from the 1st C. AD. Cavalry sports equipment and helmets were used by teams of Roman Cavalry (Hippica Gymnasia). The games were played as one team would charge the other and throw light dummy javelins. Points were scored for hits on the other team.

This Roman Cavalry Sports and Ceremony Helm is a two part helm; the main body of the helm is 18 gauge brass and it is heavily embossed with martial scenes. The mask is crafted from thick aluminum with a finish that replicates the appearance of silver - it also has painted brass accents and a cast brass centerpiece on the forehead with the visage of a god.

The mask is fitted to the brass helmet with a leather band fitted across the back of the helm and secured with integrated pins. The interior of the helmet is blackened and unlined - a padded cotton arming cap is included with the helmet.

Front to Back: 7 inches
Side to Side: 7 inches
Interior Circumference: 25 inches
Weight: 6 lb 8.6 oz

Please Note: Helmet Stand is not included.

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