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Steel Corinthian Helmet - 18 Gauge

This Corinthian helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel; it is blackened on the inside. The helm is unlined, but it does come with a simple padded arming cap of cotton.

One of the most iconic helmets of war ever created, the Corinthian helm is instantly recognizable and has itself become a symbol for the ancient world and of martial prowess – the visage of the Corinthian helm is a common motif that can be seen today on many modern military unit badges as it is emblematic of warrior skill and heroism.

To the Greeks the Corinthian style was purpose-built for the phalanx – it gives very good coverage to the head and face without restricting the senses and breathing greatly. Most importantly, unlike earlier such helms the later Corinthian helms had cutouts for ears; an important development to ensure that the wearer could hear the orders and signals needed to maneuver cohesively in his phalanx. Later Greek warfare called for more complex army maneuvers between the Hoplite phalanxes and their supporting skirmishers and cavalry, and to respond to those of the foe, thus the ability for the entire phalanx to respond quickly to developments became paramount to success in a combined arms battlefield.

The Corinthian style was symbolically resurrected in the late Medieval period and the early Renaissance in the form of some Barbute style helmets, some of which took distinctive visual cues from the Corinthian and other Classical Greek Helmets. These Greek-inspired Barbute helms were most popular in Italy where the burgeoning Renaissance had made everything Greek and Roman both a fascination and a fashion.

Front to Back: 8''
Side to Side: 8''
Circumference: 26''
Weight: 3 lbs

Please Note: Helmet stand is not included.

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