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M18 German Cutout Helmet WWI

German Cutout Helmet WWI M1918 - This replica of a German WWI helmet will appeal to WWI military collectors and re-enactors. Certain M1918 German Helmets had cutouts in the rim along the sides of the helmet. These cutouts were done to improve hearing and to reduce echo created by the large, flared skirt.

Made from 18 gauge steel our helmet weighs exactly the same as the original German helmet. Includes the three leather sections that make up the liner and the new designed two-piece chin strap which attaches directly to the helmet liner rather than the shell. Comes in a standard Large size with a 22" (55.88cm) internal circumference. The bolts on each side of the helmet were used to support an optional shield, the (Stirnpanzer AH-6032).

* WWI German Reproduction Helmet
* Heavy Gauge Steel
* Correct Color
* Iconic Vent Lugs
* Rolled Rims
* 3 Piece Padded Leather Liner
* Includes 2 Piece Chin Strap

Size: 22 inch (55.88 cm) Internal Circumference

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