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Sioux Pipe Tomahawk

Tomahawks were actually quite prevalent, among Native Americans, among traders, and among settlers. Many were purely functional and thus, rugged and simple, while others, like this Forged Fleur Axe, were more decorative and designed for ceremonial use. The single-most distinctive feature about this axe is its uniquely shaped head, which is designed to roughly replicate the appearance of the classic fleur de lis. The actual axe blade is crafted from carbon steel and possesses a darkened, forged look, while also featuring a shaped point, which makes this axe look more like a piercing weapon then a cutting or chopping weapon. Two small steel curls spring out from the sides of the axe-blade, to create the secondary leaves, which creates a general fleur de lis shape. The axe-head is mounted atop a hardwood haft and features a small pipe bowl poll. This pipe bowl connects to a hollow channel in the center of the haft, which further connects to a small pipe mouthpiece on the end of the pipes haft. If you have got a Native American look that you feel could use a touch of style (or any costume, really, that could use a stylish weapon), then perhaps this Forged Fleur Axe is just the way to add that style while also including a great weapon to carry at your side.

Key Features:
Blade is Crafted from Carbon Steel
Axe Head is Fitted onto a Hardwood Handle
Axe Blade Has a Distinctive Fleur De Lis Shape
Features a Shaped Pipe Bowl Poll
Possesses a Small Pipe Mouthpiece at End of Axe Haft
A Great Ceremonial Item, Personal Accessory, or Display Piece

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