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Roman Mainz Gladius Sword

Roman Mainz Gladius. The Roman Army's approach to warfare was direct and pragmatic. It chose the Gladius as its principal sidearm because it was practical and efficient and excelled in any close combat situation. The early Gladius was wasp waisted with a long point that combined cutting power and stabbing ability in one handy weapon. Later versions were not waisted and had a shorter point but were just as effective - and easier to make. Both swords served side-by-side for many years and it was not uncommon to find 4th century Legionaires carrying the earlier model. This is the sword that conquered most of the known world. Mainz Pattern-genuine bone handle and ornate brass applique on the scabbard.

Overall: 28-1/2''
Blade: 20-7/8''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 4.5mm - 3.4mm
Width: 78mm
P.O.B.: 3-3/4''
Edge: Blunt
Grip: 4-3/8''
Pommel: Nut
Weight: 2 lb 5 oz

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