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Natural Crusader Upper Leg Padding, Large

Crusader Upper Leg Padding is a type of leg armor designed to provide protection to the upper legs during combat. The padding is made of a thick and sturdy material that can absorb the impact of blows and reduce the risk of injury.

This particular set of leg padding is designed to be worn either alone or with chainmail chausses or plate armor. This means that it can be used in a variety of different combat situations, from the Crusades to the Renaissance. The reinforced leather knee provides additional protection to the vulnerable knee joint, which is often a target for attacks.

The leg padding is designed to fit a person with a large build, with a length of 21 inches and a circumference of 26-29 inches. The padding attaches to the wearer's belt and laces up at the back, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit.

Overall, Crusader Upper Leg Padding is a versatile and effective form of leg armor that can provide protection to the wearer in a variety of different combat situations.

Size: Large
Length: 21"
Circumference: 26-29"

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