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Arms and Armor Book of Postcards AA154

Our Arms and Armor Book of Postcards has full-color postcards from one of the United States finest collections of medieval and Renaissance armor and weaponry. Chain mail the earliest European armor, dating to the Dark Ages was made of thousands of interlocking steel rings. By about 1400 the first full suits of plate armor, called Gothic armor, began to replace chain mail. These suits had smooth surfaces embellished by elegantly curved flutings or ornamental borders. A suit of plate armor was constructed from many constituent plates (sometimes more than two hundred), of which no two were identical. The making of a suit of armor required great technical proficiency, skill, and experience, as well as a substantial knowledge of metal's characteristics. Some of Europe's master armorers achieved great wealth and prestige from the quality of their products. As armor's utility in battle diminished, its value as a fashion statement increased. As with the costume he wore in civilian life, a nobleman expected that his armor should reflect the finest craft and materials that he could afford. Much of the armor that survives today served a ceremonial or courtly function. As it became more ornate, it also came to be made of thinner metal of little use in combat, but more comfortable. What had once been formidable battlefield gear had evolved into spectacular male body jewelry. Our new book of postcards contains thirty top-quality reproductions bound together in a handy collection. Easy to remove and produced on heavy card stock, they also make great little books. This convenient compilation offers a wide selection of gorgeous cards to choose from, making it easy to find the perfect postcard to send to any friend, family member, or casual acquaintance. Note: postcards are oversized and may require additional postage. ISBN: 0-7649-2038-3; size: 4 3/4" x 6 7/8"

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