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Arabian Scimitar Cutlass Letter Opener by Marto

Our Arabian Scimitar Cutlass Letter Opener by Marto is from the persian word shamshir - lion's tail, is the Arabian/Moorish version of the Cutlass. The scimitar was used by the Muslim armies during the period of the Crusades and it is later considered to be typical of Arab horseman. The Scimitar is a sword with a short curved single-edged blade, broadest at the point end. Although the scimitar was used by both Turks and Persians, many Islamic traditions adopted scimitars, as attested by their symbolic occurrence, on the Coat of arms of Saudi Arabia or the Coat of arms of East Timor. There were various shapes to the cutlass in past times and there was an important Toledan production of them during the Moorish period in Spain.
Available in Silver, Bronze and Gold Finish

  • Overall Length: 15 cms - 6 inches
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