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Bowie Knives

Bowie Knives from Muela
The Bowie Knife 
The Bowie Period only lasted about forty years -- from the Sandbar Fight to the end of the Civil War. When pistols got reliable and plentiful the size of the knife shrunk; by the 1870s and 1880s, the Bowie knife was used as a hunting knife much more than as a primary defense arm. 
The Bowie was made in a period of hand labor; the industrial revolution had not touched the cutlery trades. All the work on the old knives was by hand, with an artisan's craft skills that were learned during a long apprenticeship to master forgers, grinders and cutlers. 
Our Historical Bowie Series demonstrates the evolutionary progression of the knife throughout America. Each piece in the series is constructed with a high-carbon steel blade and nickel finish fittings. The sheath to each knife is Grafted from beautiful leather with meticulous stitch work and a belt frog is included. Each knife is unique in its own right with distinct detailing. 

Arkansas Bowie Knife

Arkansas Bowie Knife – Without Sheath,Arkansas Bowie Knife AH-3152
The Arkansas Bowie has a blade forged from unsharpened high carbon steel; the guard and pommel cap are brass and the grip is carved from wood. The sheath is of stitched leather.
Price: $38.95

Black Widow Bowie 210451

Black Widow Bowie 210451
Our Black Widow Bowie Knife has a wicked stainless steel blade and brass guard with grip ring. Includes leather sheath.
Price: $32.95

Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife
This massive Bowie Knife is tough enough for hours of target practice or days of trail blazing. Stainless steel blade, smooth rosewood handle scales and solid brass cross guard.
Price: $42.00

Expendables Bowie Knife

Expendables Bowie Knife GH5017
This Expendables Bowie is 20 1/2 inches overall with a 14 inch polished stainless blade. It has a synthetic ivory handle with Expendables artwork and gold-plated guard. 
Price: $115.99

Mexican Bowie Knife

Mexican Bowie Knife 403527
Our Mexican Bowie Knife is one of the most unique and effective Bowie designs we’ve come across. The original is in a private collection, but it wouldn’t be out of place on the belt of General Santa Anna while seeing courageous action on the frontier.
Price: $119.95

Muela Bowie Knife - 14 Inches

Muela Bowie Knife KMBW14
The Muela Bowie Knife - 14 Inches, has a X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel Blade, Coral Pakkawood Handle and comes with Leather Sheath.
Price: $164.00

Primitive Bowie Knife

Primitive Bowie Knife 400884
Early bowie knives were large, tough, and sharp! Despite the size of the Primitive Bowie Knife, the overall weight is only 1.5 pounds three-sixteenths of an inch thick. But, don't let the weight fool you, we cut down a 4 inch sapling in no time and the blade would still shave.
Price: $129.95

Texas Bowie Knife with Bone Handle

Texas Bowie Knife with Bone Handle 400266
Our Texas Bowie Knife is effective, intimidating, and built to work! Lightweight, even for its imposing size, this was the knife to carry in a rough land like Texas during the days of Santa Ana when a man truly needed a backup weapon. Featuring an authentic bone handle and fittings of solid steel. Based on an original design from a private collection.
Price: $159.95
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