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Rapier Carriers

Leather Rapier Carriers
Rapier Carriers and Rapier Belts

Handmade Leather Rapier Carriers and Rapier Belts. The most common way to carry Renaissance Rapier was secured to a waist belt with a large frog angled in such a way to provide quick and easy access. Made of quality leather, our Rapier Carriers will adjust to fit most Rapiers. We carry Left Hand and Right Hand versions. Some of our rapier belts have ornate split-straps or double straps. We offer a three forked rapier belt and even an inexpensive single six-loop frog which slides onto a waist belt.

Belt Frog for Rapier Sheath

Six-loop Rapier Frog OL302
This is a Belt Frog for Rapier Sheaths will allow most rapier scabbards to be hung from a standard waist belt. Fits up to a 1.5 inch belt.
Price: $9.95

Black Rapier Belt - Right Handed

Black Rapier Belt - Right Handed
Black Rapier Belt from heavy leather is designed for a right-draw. The sword belt of a rapier is held in place by a series of 9 adjustable brass-buckled straps. The sword frog is hung off of a brass ring and a free-running belt loop to ensure it hangs at a comfortable angle.
Price: $49.74

Leather Rapier Belt and Hanger OLH60

Leather Rapier Belt and Hanger
This Leather Rapier Belt and Hanger is made to carry a rapier correctly and securely, the rapier belt has authentic design details. Adjustable for waist size, rapier length and scabbard girth. Can be used for LARP swords, Pirate Cutlasses and sabers.
Price: $145.00

Left Hand Rapier Carrier

Left Hand Rapier Carrier 26-200014
The Left Hand Rapier Carrier features a two-piece design means that no matter who wears the belt, the carrier still hangs at the proper angle. Hand crafted form the finest quality leather.
Price: $79.95

Left Handed Leather Dagger Frog

Left Handed Leather Dagger Frog 26-200044
This streamlined Left handed Leather Dagger Frog is hand crafted from the finest quality 7/8 oz leather with nickel plated steel. Hangs on your right side for a left hand draw.
Price: $13.95

Rapier Belt with Frog

Rapier Belt with Frog
This belt with rapier frog is constructed from thick, stitched leather and is fitted with steel buckles and fittings. The belt can be adjusted to fit with its buckle, and the series of buckles on the frog can be adjusted to fit a rapier scabbard.
Price: $58.95
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