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Kid's Medieval Tunics, Surcoats and Capes

Children's Medieval and Renaissance Tunics, Surcoats and Capes

Childrens Long Velvet Medieval Cape

Velvet Long Cape For Children 100786
Our Children’s Long Velvet Medieval Cape allows you to traverse the realm in this dashing cape made of a heavy cotton velvet. The generous hood and arm slits allow for easy maneuverability, while the stunning purple rayon lining makes this a perfect accessory piece for prince or princess, alike.
Price: $79.00

Childrens Tunic and Surcoat SET 1

Childrens Tunic and Surcoat SET 1 PG-601
This Childrens Tunic and Surcoat Set includes a medieval Tunic with Surcoat and Sash in solid colors.
Price: $81.00

Childrens Tunic and Surcoat SET 2 PG-602

Childrens Tunic and Surcoat SET 2 PG-602
The Childrens Tunic and Surcoat Set includes a medieval Tunic Surcoat and Sash.
Price: $81.00

Childs Celtic Cape TT-111

Childs Celtic Cape TT-111
Our Childs Celtic Cape matches our grown up Celtic Short Cape. Dashing Celtic cape for boys or girls has embroidered Celtic knot and velveteen collar.
Price: $85.00

Childs Medieval Tunic PG-603

Childs Medieval Tunic PG-603
Our Childs Medieval Tunic is a typical Medieval Tunic made from tough durable cotton twill fabric. Trimmed in a matching trim makes this Childs Tunic strikingly handsome. Made in the USA.
Price: $67.00

Childs Medieval Vest TT-118

Childs Medieval Vest TT-118
Our Childs Medieval Vest with gold trim is very handsome worn with a Childs Medieval or Renaissance Shirt, Pants, a Ring Belt and you're ready for your next event. Durable cotton material. Comfortable easy to wear Medieval Garb.
Price: $63.00

Child's Noble Cloak VL-CNC

Child's Noble Cloak VL-CNC
Our Child's Noble Cloak allows you to wrap yourself in luxury in our Jewel Black cotton velveteen cloak. The superb cut of this cloak is made even better with tailored shoulders.
Price: $99.00

Child's Sailors Vest VL-CSV

Child's Sailors Vest VL-CSV
Our Child's Sailor's vest will make your little sailor or nobleman, depending on what you pair it with. Burgundy, hunter green, or navy.
Price: $45.00

Child's Twill Cloak

Child's Twill Cloak VL-CTWILL
Our Child's Twill Cloak features a double layer of cotton twill acts as wool to keep in the heat while letting out the body's moisture.
Price: $99.00

Kid's Captain Coat

Kids Captain Coat C1243
This youth sized captains coat is made in cotton velvet with a full shantung lining. Golden trim and buttons finish the look for your swashbuckler.
Price: $75.95

Kid's Captain Vest

Kid's Captain Vest C1244
This Kid's Captain Vest is made in cotton velvet with black lining. Golden trim and buttons finish the look for your swashbuckler.
Price: $59.95

Kids Greek Warrior Cape TT-208-C

Kids Greek Warrior Cape
Kids Greek Warrior Cape Get ready to do battle with this classic version of our Grown Up Greek Warrior Cape. Made of tough durable cotton twill.
Price: $68.00

Kid's Medieval Monk Robe and Hood Set

Monks Robe For Children 100794
Kid's Medieval Monk Robe and Hood Set in Brown Cotton. Be you a man of the cloth, or a rogue in hiding, this is the perfect outfit for traveling the roads of any renaissance faire. Made from heavy cotton weave, this outfit is as durable as it is foreboding. A full hood and fabric belt complete the ensemble. 46 inches long. One size. Dry Clean.

Price: $69.00

Kids Roman Cape

Kids Roman Cape TT-203-C
Kid Sized Roman Cape: The Child's Roman Cape is fully wearable, functional and durable.
Price: $52.00

Kids Swordsmans Cape CG-060C

Kids Swordsmans Cape CG-060C
Our Kids Swordsmans Cape is designed to match our adult Swordsman's Short Cape.
Price: $48.00

Kids Traveler Cloak Y-096C

Kids Traveler Cloak Y-096C
Our full-length Kids Traveler Cloak matches our Adult Y-096 Traveler's Cloak. Machine washable.
Price: $99.00

Sir Lancelot Tunic for Children

Sir Lancelot Tunic for Children 101576
Sir Lancelot's tunic for children, is a dashing and comfortable outfit for your little knights. The chain mail is rugged cloth material that looks real. The mail sleeves are sewn onto the rich red cotton velvet tunic and lined.
Price: $79.00

Velvet Wizard Cloak for Kids with Hood

Wizards Cloak For Children 100796
Velvet Wizard Cloak for Kids with Hood. Which of your young wizard apprentices would not look imposing wearing this magnificent hooded robe? This heavy black cotton velvet cloak is richly accented with a decorative gold trim and has a metal clasp for a secure closure. 
Price: $79.00

Wool Cloak VL-CWOOLC

Child's Wool Cloak VL-CWOOLC
Our Wool Cloak is made of wool with a broadcloth lining for comfort. This cloak is sure to keep you warm.
Price: $190.00

Youth Musketeer Tabard

Musketeer Tabard For Children 100790
Made from rich blue cotton velvet, and lined in matching satin. The chest and sleeves are embroidered with the Musketeer's silver cross and fleur-de-lis. Dry clean only, one size.
Price: $79.00

Youths Medieval Tunic TT-109

Youths Medieval Tunic TT-109
Youths Medieval Tunic with Silver Trim: Attractive Sturdy addition to your Childs Medieval Garb. Made to match our grown up Tunics. Made in the USA.
Price: $60.00
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