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German Mace 16th Century

By the 15th Century, armor had become so well developed that it was almost impervious to a sword cut and even a thrust. This heavy German Mace, which evolved from man's oldest weapon, the club, could make short work of that armor. With a few full sound blows the breast of a plate should be so damaged that the wearer's movement would be greatly impaired, and that leads quickly to defeat. Both of these handsome examples have 8 flanges and are made from steel that has been blackened to a deep luster. The bottom of the German Mace shaft is wrapped in black leather for an improved grip.

Key Features:
A fully functional mace
8 flanges made from blackened steel
Mace can be for One or Two hand use
Solid Handle


Overall Length: 24 Inches
Weight: 4 lbs

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