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Zero by Wendy Rule CD

Zero by Wendy Rule CD is an album of lavishly orchestrated, ambient pieces of crafted music. Her live musicians, cellist Rachel Samuel and pianist Craig Patterson, are augmented by a dozen or so others across the various tracks, adding violin, mandolin, keys, guitar, bass and various samples and treatments as well as a percussive base to many of the songs. Melbourne talent Wendy Rule has been impressing punters with her music and performance around town for some time. Her debut is nothing short of brilliant. Rule delivers her strong, often dream-like vocal with such natural expression and ease, she makes half the signed acts in this country look like learners. Stylistically Rule & Co leave no stone unturned, laying their quintessential melancholoy, often sensual vibe over a diversity of rhythms from Latin to Celtic-inspired folk. Lyrically, Rule combines mythological insight and romance to produce literary works in their own right - vocally she brings to mind elements of Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux and Enya among others - and there is a distinct quiver in her vocal style that reminds of Belinda Carlisle. Great voice, a class local release - well worth investigating.

Track listing
1. Continental Isolation 8.10
2. Sirens 4.43
3. Chariot 3.39
4. Demigod 3.40
5. Child The First 3.11
6. Prometheus 6.15
7. Beltane 3.49
8. Odyssey 5.29
9. Seline Of The Infinite Solution 3.14
10. Psyche's Sisters 6.56
11. Falling Behind Me 2.02
12. Zero 6.00
13. Frost At Midnight 6.08

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