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Viking Shield - Wood - LARP latex - 20 Inches

Viking LARP Shield - Unleash Norse Fury on the Battlefield

Prepare for the Great Moot as a true Viking warrior with the Viking Shield, a formidable 20-inch round latex shield inspired by the legendary Norse fighters. Crafted for LARP adventures, this shield embodies the strength and simplicity of early pre-10th century Vikings and Saxons.

Key Features:

Majestic Design: 20 inches round latex shield with a wooden and smooth textured face, enhanced by an iron paint finish, creating an authentic and battle-ready appearance. The slight convex shape and iron boss on the front provide an edge in combat, reflecting the historical accuracy of Viking shields.

Versatile Canvas: Simple wooden texture offers a great canvas for customization, allowing warriors to add their family crest or custom insignia. Ideal for those who prefer a more muted shield compared to engravings and bold emblems.

Reliable Defense: Crafted from hard EVA foam and coated with strong latex, providing a durable defense that withstands the rigors of LARP combat. The reliable punch-grip handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip during intense battles.

Historical Inspiration: Draws inspiration from historical Viking shields, known for their iron rims and the Shield Boss, a convex piece at the center used to deflect blows. Round wooden style, common in the early European Middle Ages, crafted from light, non-splintering wood.

Handmade Excellence: Handmade and hand-painted, ensuring each shield is unique with natural deviations in pattern, color, and shape, adding to its authenticity. Approved by top organizations for high safety standards in LARP activities.

Unleash the Norse Fury: Embrace the legacy of Viking warriors and unleash your fury on the battlefield with the Viking Shield. Whether defending against foes or customizing it with your family crest, this shield stands as a testament to strength, simplicity, and the indomitable spirit of Norse warriors.

Please Note: Natural deviations in pattern, color, and shape are inherent to the handmade and hand-painted nature of this product. Images may appear different due to lighting and surroundings during photoshoots.

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