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Scandinavian Vendel Chieftain's Sword - Tin Plated - Brass Hilt Accents - PRS411

This 8th Century Scandinavian Vendel sword has a hilt which is richly adorned in well-cast detailing which marks it as a weapon of status for an elite Vendel warrior or Chieftain. The blade is tempered high carbon steel which is stoutly mounted into a hilt of tin plated brass which is embellished with antiqued brass banded accenting. In this period tin was used as a decorative element and was prized for its silver-like appearance. The grip is leather over hardwood and the pyramidal shaped pommel is inlaid with vibrant scarlet enamel to recreate the vibrant inset garnet gemstones of originals. Like original Vendel swords, this one has a two-part pommel with its cap secured by twin rivets. Like many later period originals, the ring on the pommel is in a stylized and symbolic form rather than being a freely moving component.

Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard which is tightly bound in leather and accented with a plated brass chape and locket. A wooden suspension loop is secured with leather bands and this suspension loop can be used to sling this sword and scabbard from your own baldric or belt.

The Pre-Viking Vendel era of Sweden was dominated by an aristocratic warrior culture who outfitted themselves and their elite warrior retainers with swords and helmets that were immaculate works of art in their detailing. Adorning wargear not only displayed status and warrior prestige, but it also made sense to keep much of ones wealth close at hand, rendered in sumptuous, yet utilitarian form.

Much of the knowledge of the Vendel culture comes from finds at several grave field sites where these elite warriors were often interred into burial mounds with their wargear and other goods. It seems that once in a generation, a particularly wealthy or famed chieftain would be buried in a boat laden with his wargear, household utilities, luxury items and sacrificial animals – all that he would need for a voyage into the afterlife.

Regarded by their peers as mounted warriors of outstanding skill, the Vendels created swords and helmets with lavish amounts of fine detailing which survive today as examples of the very high levels of craftsmanship available at the time.

 * Brass Hilt with Tin Plated Accents
* EN45 High Carbon Steel Blade
* Red Inlaid Pommel Cap
* Complete with leather covered scabbard

Overall Length: 35-3/4''
Blade Length: 29-3/8''
Grip: 3-1/2''
P.O.B.: 5-1/4''
Thickness: 4.3 mm - 4 mm
Width: 51 mm
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Nut - Riveted
Weight: 3 lb 5.1 oz
Blade: [EN45 High Carbon Steel]
Class: Battle Ready
Culture: Viking
Manufacturer: Deepeeka

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