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Classic Colonial Hand Forged Tomahawk

The tomahawk might be a traditionally Native American weapon, but that does not mean that other cultures did not come to appreciate it. This Classic Colonial Hand Forged Tomahawk is patterned after the axes taken up by soldiers who fought for American freedom. Part of the reason why colonials might have taken up the tomahawk is because they were a distinctively American weapon, one that British troops did not have, making it a powerful symbol of the soldiers desire to reject dependence on British arms. Another reason might have been effectiveness. Having faced the hawk before and seen how useful it was, colonials were probably all too eager to turn them upon their British oppressors. This hawk is relatively simple in design, possessing a robust hickory wood haft and a hand-forged steel blade that measures approximately 3.5 inches long. It is not big and it is not fancy, but it certainly is effective. Please note that the axe head might seem somewhat loose. This is normal, as authentic tomahawks are not fitted with screws, but rather are worn into their shaft. Tapping the head of the hawk onto the ground to slide the head down around the wider haft will fit the blade onto the haft, and use will cause it to further wear into the wood, until the axe-head is fairly secure. This tomahawk has an overall length of approximately 18 inches. As a weapon and as a display piece, this Revolutionary War Tomahawk is hard to beat, as even with its simplistic appearance, it also a realistic looking weapon that will surely attract the attention of all who glance its way.


Key Features:
Axe Head is Crafted from Hand Forged Steel
Haft is a Robust Hickory Wood
A Traditional, Simple, and Effective Hawk
Modeled After the Typical Fighting Man in the American Revolution
Perfect for Display or Use in Costume


Axe-Head Length: 3.5 Inches
Haft Length: 18 Inches
Weight: 2 lbs.


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