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Civil War Miniature Cannon

In a battle, heavy artillery can make all the difference for the outcome, even when they were fighting in the Civil War. This Miniature Civil War Cannon is an accurate reproduction from the days of early artillery. It is crafted from high quality materials, including authentic brass, metal, and wood, and even comes with moving parts like rolling wheels, which only adds to the impressive level of realism. Even the trail has a rich, woody red hue, which contrasts nicely the faded brass cannon barrel. On its own, this cannon is an impressive little miniature, but when paired with its matching Miniature Civil War Limber (AC-07-492), it takes on a whole new level of life, one that makes it perfect for display and for use in various Civil War models. The cannon measures approximately 12 inches long. As a decoration, this Miniature Civil War Cannon is quite the impressive little piece, one that will awe onlookers time and time again with how truly detailed it really is, in spite of its size.


Key Features:
Crafted from Brass, Metal, and Wood
Has a Realistic Appearance
Working Parts Include Rolling Wheels
Goes along with the Mini Civil War Limber
A Great Civil War Replica
A Perfect Gift Idea or Miniaturized Display Piece


Length: 12 Inches
Weight: 2 lbs.

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