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Traditional Ironwood Bokken with pronounced Hi and Kisakki

The Ironwood Bokken with pronounced Hi and Kisakki is made from Kamagong, a very dense hard wood which makes great Bokkens for use in Iaido, Kendo and Aikido. They are close to the weight of a katana and hold up longer in practice. And as you can see from the pictures they are beautiful. Each piece of wood for each Bokken is different in the look of the grains but always just as strong and dense.

This beautiful Brand New Bokken comes with a pronounced HI (Top spine of the blade) and Kisakki (Tip of the blade).

Length OA: 42''
Blade: 30''
Tsuka: 10''
Balance: 5.75'' below Habaki
Weight: 2.2 Lbs.

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