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Hersir Viking Sword

The Hersir Viking sword has a blade of tempered high carbon steel paired to a guard and pommel of steel. The grip has been overlaid with tightly fitted leather cordage to complete the hilt.
The term ‘’Hersir’’ originally denoted a relatively wealthy landowning Viking; a person of status who would be looked upon as a leader in the nearby lands. In time the word changed; a Hersir was a Viking military commander with about 100 men under his wing and an oath-bound allegiance to a Jarl or King. In a large Viking attack a Hersir might command a detachment of the main host; in a smaller raid he could very well be the leader.
Due to his status in society, it is likely that a Hersir would possess a fine sword, instead of a simple spear or axe that his less wealthy and lower status countrymen would commonly bring to war.

Overall Length: 38 1/16''
Blade Length: 30 15/16''
Weight: 3 lb 8.7 oz
Edge: Unsharpened
Width: 58.9 mm
Thickness: 4.7 mm - 4.4 mm
Pommel: Peened
P.O.B.: 5 1/4''
Grip Length: 4 1/8''
Blade: EN45 / EN42J / EN9 High Carbon Steel [EN45 High Carbon Steel]

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