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Officer's Courtly Small Sword

The Small Sword, sometimes called a court or dress sword, is typical of affluent 17th and 18th century society and would have seen many successful duels in its day. It was a highly lethal weapon, ideal for thrusting, and hung conveniently from a sash, baldric, or belt. The hilt (compared to the Rapier’s) was simple and smartly functional, consisting of no more than an elliptical plate, or two shells and a light knuckle guard.

The Officer’s Courtly Small sword has a triangular blade crafted from EN45 high carbon steel. The hilt is nickel plated brass and the wood grip is bound in brass wire. The wooden scabbard is overlaid in black leather and is finished with matching nickel plated accents.

Overall Length: 37-3/4''
Blade: 30-1/2''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 10.6mm - 4.5mm
Width: 23.4mm
P.O.B.: 3''
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Nut
Grip: 3-1/4''
Weight 2 lb 4.3 oz

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