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Titus Vespasianus Roman Gladius - Bone Hilt

The Roman Titus Vespasianus Gladius has a blade crafted from high carbon steel and a hilt of wood with a grip of bone. The guard plate and pommel nut are brass and a removable felt washer protects the guard plate from scratching or scuffing from contact with the scabbard.

The scabbard has a core of wood and is finished with an overlay of brown dyed leather and brass binding. It is embellished with steel and brass ornamentation plates on a single side.

* Made from Carbon Steel
* Polished Bone Grip
* Ornate Leather and Brass Scabbard

* Overall Length: 25-5/8''
* Hand Grip Length: 3-1/2''
* Pommel: Nut
* Blade: 19-1/16''
* Blade Thickness: 4.2 mm - 3.2 mm
* Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
* P.O.B.: 4-1/2''
* Blade Edge: Unsharpned
* Weight: 1 lbs 4.9 oz

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