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Steampunk Altar Leather Top Hat - Gold Large

Elevate your style and transport yourself to an extraordinary world with our Steampunk Altar Leather Top Hat. This rare and unique accessory combines elements of retro and future aesthetics, resulting in a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The hat is meticulously crafted from smooth and durable cowhide leather, ensuring its longevity and providing a luxurious feel. It is expertly trimmed with a matching vinyl band, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall design.

What sets this top hat apart is its flat top crown, adorned with exquisite brocade fabric. This intricate detail adds a captivating and mysterious allure to your appearance, making a lasting impression wherever you go.

To enhance both style and comfort, the Steampunk Altar Leather Top Hat features a curled 1.25" brim and a sizable sweatband, ensuring a snug and personalized fit. Every detail has been carefully considered to create a hat that exudes elegance and invites intrigue.

As a testament to its exceptional quality, this top hat is proudly made in the USA, reflecting the craftsmanship and dedication put into its creation.

Transform any ordinary day into a fantastical event with the Steampunk Altar Leather Top Hat. Embrace the allure of steampunk fashion and let your unique style shine through.
Hat sizing:
Measure the circumference of your head half way up your forehead and one finger's width above your ears. Pull the tape to about the tightness you would like to wear a hat. You can use a string and then measure it with a ruler if you don't have a tape. Be sure not to pull the tape or string too tight, this is the most common error people make when figuring out their hat size. A good fitting hat feels snug and secure, not tight or pinching.

 Sm:  Inches: 21 1/8 - 21 5/8''  55 cm  US Hat Size 6-7/8
 Med:  Inches: 21 3/4 - 22 1/4''  57 cm  US Hat Size 7-1/8
 M/L:  Inches: 22 3/8 - 22 7/8''  58 cm  US Hat Size 7-1/4
 Lrg:  Inches: 23 - 23 1/2''  60 cm  US Hat Size 7-3/8
 XL:  Inches: 23 5/8 - 24 1/8''  61 cm  US Hat Size 7-5/8
 2X:  Inches: 24 1/4 - 24 3/4''  63 cm  US Hat Size 7-7/8
 3X:  Inches: 24 7/8 - 25 3/8''  64 cm  US Hat Size 8

Large- 60 cm US Hat Size 7-3/8

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