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Ceolwulf I Medieval Saxon Silver Penny 821AD BI-180

Our Ceolwulf I Medieval Saxon Silver Penny is a Replica Coin from 821 - 823 A.D. Silver Penny *** Made from sterling silver. Ceolwulf I was Saxon King of Mercia and Kent, from 821 to 823. Each of our replica historic coins will satisfy the needs of living history groups and coin collectors. These coins are semi-replica hammered coins that really do look and feel authentic. Weights, alloys, and fineness are kept close to the originals making these replica medieval coins the best on the market. Original coins are carefully analyzed to determine engraving techniques used to recreate the dies in fine detail. To assure that these coins are not mistaken as the real thing, the legend is slightly altered to distinguish these coins for what they are. Additionally, an example of each replica coin is held by Museums for reference. Obverse - A crude portrait of Ceolwulf 1, Anglo Saxon King of Mercia. Inscription reads CEOLWLUF Reverse - The makers name in 3 lines. 2cm in diameter.

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