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Italic H Niedermormter Roman Helmet

The Italic H Roman Helmet, known to many as the Niedermörmter type, was produced in both brass and in iron fitted with brass furniture. The brass helmet, based on the famous example now in the Landesmuseum Bonn, which Robinson regarded as the best Roman helmet to have survived from antiquity. Originally regarded as a third century helmet, the latest research tends to push its initial use back into the second century Antonine period. It incorporates many features that are seen on other helmets, both Italic and Gallic in family origin, and may be considered the pinnacle of those helmet families, with a very broad neck guard and deep occipital area, elaborate embossed and applied beaded decoration, as well as a very stout brow guard. The cross-bracing on the all-brass version is actually embossed into the skull and appears to be more decorative than functional. The brass version also has a dome-shaped knob at the crown instead of a crest attachment point. This style represents the last in the long line of imperial Gallic Italic legionary helmets and dates to around 200AD. Infantry helmets are not found again until the 4th century. These bear no relationship to the earlier types.

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