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18th Century Court Sword

This version of the 18th century court sword replicates originals in weight and balance. This sword has an unusual triangular blade with a sharp point. Made from high carbon steel. The hilt features two brass shells with finger loops and a knuckle guard. Lightweight and balanced, weighing only 1 pound .2 ounces, this small sword includes a great looking leather scabbard that features a brass throat and chape.

The 18th Century Court Sword is a light one-handed sword designed for thrusting which changed from the longer and heavier rapier of the late Renaissance. The height of the small sword's popularity was between mid 17th and late 18th century. It is thought to have first appeared in France and traveled quickly across the rest of Europe.

The small sword was the immediate predecessor of the French foil and its method of use which was developed into the techniques of the French classical school of fencing. Small swords were also used as status symbols and fashion accessories; for most of the 18th century anyone, civilian or military, with pretensions to gentlemanly status would have worn a small sword on a daily basis.

Overall Length: 38-1/8''
Blade Length: 32-1/8''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 2.4 mm - 2.4 mm
Width: 29.8 mm
Hand Grip: 3-3/8''
Edge: Unsharpened
Pommel: Nut
Weight: 1 lb 1.2 oz
W/Scabbard 1lb 10.5oz

Hand made - specs will vary from piece to piece.

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