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French Napoleonic Briquette Sword

This French Napoleonic Briquette Short Sword, for instance, echoes the style of the saber as used by Napoleon Bonaparte and his forces, during the Napoleonic Wars. Classic in its design, this saber echoes the look of the traditional military sword, possessing a thick blade of hand crafted steel with a gentle curve to its cutting edge, and a fine point at its tip.

The overall design is one of increased cutting ability, designed to be used both on foot and on horseback (although this swords smaller size makes it more traditionally a foot soldiers weapon). The sword possesses a D-shaped guard and hilt, with subtle indentions in the grip to allow for a more comfortable and effective hold. Included with the sword is a wood scabbard, bound in leather and adorned with a pair of brass accents, one on the throat and the other on the chape.

Key Features:
A Recreation of the Napoleonic Infantry Saber
Features a Hand Crafted Steel Blade
Blade Possesses an Unsharpened Edge
Has a Cast-Brass Hilt With D-Guard
Includes a Wooden, Leather Wrapped Scabbard

Overall Length: 29-1/4''
Blade: 24-1/4''
Blade: EN45 High Carbon Steel
Thickness: 5 mm - 4.4 mm
Width: 35.1 mm
P.O.B.: 4-1/8''
Edge: Blunt
Grip: 3-1/2''
Pommel: Threaded
Weight: 2 lb 9.5 oz

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