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Greek Sword: Early Bronze Era Sword

Our Greek Sword: Early Bronze Era Sword, one of the earliest examples of metal swords originated with pre-Grecian cultures dating before the Bronze Age 2500-1300 BC. The first metal used in the making of sword blades was copper, the predecessor of bronze and it's use can be followed through the ages of Troy and Rome. Blades were cast with the tang in one piece. No necessity for filing or hammering was needed as inlaid weigh wood and often cast in contrasting metals such as silver or gold and attached to the tang. Some were cast entirely with copper and inlaid with wood. Our hand cast copper swords are created with many techniques used in the making of the originals and brass and aluminum castings duplicate the historical gold and silver color preferences of the originals.

Key Features: Circa 1100 BC Solid Cast Copper Sword Wood Inlaid Grip Fullered Blade

Measurements: Blade Length: 13 Inches Overall Length 19 Inches

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