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Revolutionary War Officer's Sword
This Revolutionary War Officer’s Sword has a blade crafted from high carbon steel; the hilt is cast brass and the leather scabbard is finished with brass fittings.
Robert the Bruce Greatsword - Stage Combat Version
Bruce Greatsword has a blade made from high carbon steel. The pommel and crossguard are steel and the wooden grip is bound in leather and then finished with leather strips. The blade is engraved with ROBERT DE BRUS.
Roman 3rd Century Spatha Sword,Roman 3rd Century Spatha
This Late Roman Spatha has a blade of high carbon steel and a hilt of wood. The pommel nut is brass and the included wood-core scabbard is completed with brass accents and a brass suspension loop.
Roman Long Spatha - 2nd C. AD
2nd Century Long Spatha with blade crafted from high carbon steel and hilt of carved wood. Brass pommel nut secures the sword tang to the hilt. It is paired with a quality wood-core scabbard.
1917 Saber
This saber features a blade made of 1055 carbon steel. Guard is crafted from heavy guage steel plate and handle is made from rose wood. Overall length of 36 inches.
Training Parrying Main Gauche Rubber Dagger
This Main Gauche trainer is made of rubber and carefully fashioned to give a close approximation of realism without damaging the users. Overall length 21 inches.
Synthetic Training Buckler,Medieval Buckler
This Cold Steel training buckler is stoutly made of extra strong polycarbonate. Thick, sturdy, raised boss for hand protection and rugged handle. Weighs 2 pounds, diameter 12 inches.
Gladius Synthetic Training Sword
This Cold Steel Gladius is made of the heaviest grade polypropylene, making it virtually unbreakable, and closely duplicating a real sword in length, size, weight, and feel. Overall length 31''.
Dynamite Wedge Platform Sandals
Our Dynamite Wedge Platform Sandals offer a Criss Cross Ankle Strap Sandal with Cone Spike Detail and 5 inch heel. Made from black vegan leather these sandals are perfect with jeans or a formal gown.
Shoulder Bag - Black
This sturdy shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for safely storing your everyday and valuable items! Hand sewn, it is made of genuine leather combines strength and realism.
Russian Shashka Saber
This Russian Cossack Shaska saber has a blade of high carbon steel. The hilt is brass with a carved wood grip. Reproduced on the pommel are Soviet Army markings including the Red Army star and the Hammer and Sickle. Included is a wooden scabbard with brass fittings and hanging rings.
Scottish Arming Sword,Arming Sword,Scottish Sword,Scottish Single Hand Sword,Deepeeka - Scottish Sword
This Scottish Arming Sword has a forged blade of high carbon steel. The hilt is steel with a wooden grip overlaid in stitched brown leather. The wood-core scabbard is wrapped in leather and completed with steel fittings.
Battlecry Centurion Gladius
This pre-sharpened blade is made from 1065 high carbon steel with a darkened, battle-hardened finish, extra wide tang. Comes with a matching scabbard with belt stop, custom packaging and certificate of authenticity. Overall: 29 inches.
Golden Coast Cutlass
This unique cutlass features a 1065 high carbon steel blade. Handle and scabbard are black leather wrapped. Antiqued finish. Overall length of 34-1/8 inches.
Persian Scimitar
This classic sword exhibits a 1065 high carbon steel blade and a wooden grip. Guard and scabbard furniture are steel. Overall length of 36 inches.
Russian Shashka Sword
This Shashka saber has a blade of unsharpened high carbon steel. The grip is formed from polished halves of carved wood riveted to the blade tang. The scabbard has a core of wood and is overlaid with black leather and finished with steel fittings and hanging rings. The Shaska is typically worn edge-side up, like a katana.
Assasin's Deluxe Pauldron - Black Leather
This imposing single pauldron is masterfully crafted from vegetable tanned leather to provide an impressive look to your LARP character.
Assassin - Complete Leather Armor Set
This vegetable tanned complete leather armor is dyed in dark tints and engraved with complex patterns on the borders of each armor plate for an effect evoking refinement and elegance. Light and mobile while offering full torso and back protection, this armor will certainly be the center-piece of any assassin.
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